• Welcome to the Tri-City Kart Club Racing Program.

    Our club is now working 40 years plus to provide kart racers a fair, safe and affordable venue to race go-karts. We adhere to all WKA Technical Rules with exceptions. WKA affords clubs "Local Options" to better serve the immediate membership without compromising safety. Please refer to our Club Exceptions and Competition Classes pages to review our adjustments and printed weights. We encourage good sportsmanship, close racing and a healthy family environment. At any time you or any member of your group show poor sportsmanship, rough driving or a disrespect to the rules, to a competitor or to a track official we will react in accordance to the WKA rules. One copy of the TCKC Rule Book will be issued to all Master Club Members when signing up for the season. It is your responsibility to be informed and it is the clubs responsibility to enforce the rules. As a club we welcome your input, support and suggestions to improve our program. Please attend our monthly meetings and voice your ideas.

    Welcome! Have Fun! Race Safe! Thank You for attending.


Bulletin Board

  • Hello to all!

    I want to thank everyone that came out and raced with us, also thank you to all the family & friends who came out to watch and support their favorite driver. We were blessed with a gorgeous Florida day, which fueled great close battling racing, and close finishes. Also on a very exciting note, our February race was the earliest we finished our day of action packed racing!! How about that? So thanks to All who helped in that process, from our flag/track crew to the many racers who are there first thing in the morning to help us get revved up for our day of racing. On this note I would hope our March 9th race is the same, if not better! If you have any points discrepancies please EMAIL me at overheadaustin@gmail.com or put it in writing and give it to me at the track. As voted in the meeting our May race is moved a week after whats posted. The new May date is May 18th. Any questions on that email me or call me at 727-871-4407. So thanks to all, I cannot wait until I see you all on March 9th!!